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Wisconsin State Science Standards for Gamma Labs

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Wisconsin State Standards Addressed by Science Quest Gamma Labs

Science Content Standards-Grades 9-12
Wisconsin Standard Chart

A-Science Connections(A.12.1 through A.12.7)
B-Nature of Science(B.12.1 through B.12.5)
C-Science Inquiry(C.12.1 through C.12.7)
D-Physical Science(D.12.1 through D.12.12)
E-Earth and Space Science(E.12.1 through E.12.5)
F-Life and Environmental Science(F.12.1 through F.12.12)
G-Science Applications(G.12.1 through G.12.5)
H-Science in Social and Personal Perspectives(H.12.1 through H.12.7)

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