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More advanced science content is provided for middle and high school science teachers who want to develop better expertise in biology content and laboratory techniques. Workshops can range from 3-hour labs to multi-day intensive explorations. Classroom coaching can also be integrated. The content addressed can focus on one of the three areas listed below.

Owner's Guide to the Human Body: Human Anatomy and Physiology

We are constantly barraged with information on health and nutrition. Starting with the most basic information about the body's structure and how it works, elementary through high school educators develop the conceptual basis to help evaluate this information. With a solid knowledge base and effective science pedagogy approaches, educators will also be able to help their students gain similar skills. Depending on the length of the workshop, participants may have the opportunity to examine real hearts, determine their blood type, and isolate DNA among other lab activities. Longer workshops will finish with the examination of their body's physiological response to exercise in which the science concepts and teaching strategies are applied in an integrated active manner.

Basic Molecular Biology
Middle and high school teachers gain basic knowledge in the structure and function of DNA, RNA, and protein. Depending on the length and background of the participants, activities can include DNA isolation, DNA fingerprinting, analysis of a mutation and its effect on protein, and control of gene expression. Participants perform experiments, build models, and work with hands-on materials.

Molecular Consequences of Tobacco Exposure
Using hands-on experiments, state of the art molecular models, current biomedical research and interactive role play, an antismoking message can be delivered to middle and high school level students while reinforcing basic biological concepts including DNA structure and mutation, control of the cell cycle, fetal development, and nerve transmission and addiction. Student understanding is enhanced by application of this knowledge to the molecular effects that chemicals in tobacco smoke have on the body. Students trace at a molecular level how these chemicals result in cancer. This workshop can be targeted to middle through high school teachers and is based on the "Seeing the Effects" curriculum developed by the Medical College of Wisconsin. Participants will experience a full range of activities from the curriculum and receive a CD copy.

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