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Food and Diabetes
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Biology of Food
Connecting Nutrition to Cell Biochemistry
Grades 9-12

Evaluating a healthy diet begins with an understanding of the biochemistry of the cell. The
structure of the major macromolecules and the role each play in the functioning of the cell
is outlined. Different food groups provide for the various needs of the cell as it grows and
functions. The roles of other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are explored. A variety
of lab activites and model building are used to provide hands-on laboratory experiences
to develop these concepts.

Biology of Diabetes
Controlling the Supply of Energy
Grades 9-12

Students develop an understanding of diabetes starting from the molecular level with
hemoglobin and insulin. How a cell provides energy for its growth and functioning and
how it obtains the key components it needs for this process, is investigated. The connection
is made between when this process is out of balance and the of symptoms of diabetes that
result. Hands on lab activities introduce the detection of glucose and protein.

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