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Exercise Physiology and Fetal Development
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Exercise Physiology
Maintaining Your Homeostasis
Grades 9-12

Students learn how to take physiological measurements and compile class data to determine
average resting levels. Volunteer students perform mild to moderate levels of exercise,
while others monitor changes in the exercising student's heart rate, blood pressure,
temperature and glucose levels. Students then use this data to investigate the important
biological principle of homeostasis.

Physiology of Fetal Development
Grades 9-12

This laboratory focuses on how several of the body systems develop before birth. Key
information about structure and function of the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and
musculoskeletal systems is reviewed along with the examination of real specimens. Students
working in small groups concentrate on one of four systems to put important developmental
events in order for that system. Groups can then share their findings for the other three

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