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DNA and Sickle Cell Anemia
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DNA Fingerprints
Mapping a Cell's Genetic Information
Grades 9-12

Students experience some of the basic techniques of molecular biology through DNA restriction
enzyme digestion and agarose gel electrophoresis. Students can calculate the size of DNA
fragments through plotting of a standard curve. The samples analyzed can be applied to
identifying clones, tracking food poisoning, identifying the source of infectious disease,
or solving a crime.

Molecules, Mutations, and Disease
The Story of Sickle Cell Anemia
Grades 9-12

Students will explore protein structure and function using hemoglobin and sickle cell anemia
as a model system. A historical approach is used to illustrate of how our understanding
of this disease has progressed since its discovery over 100 years ago from an observation
of deformed blood cells, to the resulting physiological effects, to the molecular genetics
of the globin protein. Protein electrophoresis of hemoglobin samples is performed
to help understand the principles underlying current diagnostic techniques.

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