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Observe, Explore, Experiment, Measure, and Record: Science and Math for Preschoolers

Science and math concepts and skills for preschoolers form the basis for concepts and skills they learn in elementary, middle and high school. These are concepts and skills that are important for competent adults to know. Preschoolers are natural explorers trying to understand their world. Teachers will learn how easy it is to modify play activities using common materials to provide opportunities for preschoolers to explore science and math concepts and skills.

Handwashing and Hygiene
Participants will develop an realistic appreciation of the presence of microorganisms throughout our world and in and on our bodies. Although most of these microorganisms do not cause disease and even are beneficial for us, many can cause problems. Appropriate handwashing and hygiene measures will be discussed and demonstrated with hands-on activities.

Healthy Bodies and Physical Activity
The importance of increasing activity opportunities for children, i.e. engaging children in at least sixty minutes of vigorous exercise per day is outlined. Ideas for both inside and outside integration of physical movements with other activities are stressed. Using resource materials from the training for nutritious meal planning and ideas for creative gross motor activities is encouraged.

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