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Lesson Planning for Brain Development

This single session or series of workshops focuses on training teachers in effective techniques for providing a rich experience and environment for the children in their care. Diverse and rich experiences are crucial in the development of childrenŐs mental and physical skills. Core to this learning is having the teachers actively participate in physical games, creative arts and crafts, intriguing science experiments, challenging mental puzzles, reading interesting books and learning new songs that provide diverse, high quality experiences. Practical information about how the brain develops is also discussed.

Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Diabetes, and, Obesity
Nutrition, Diabetes Type II, obesity and exercise challenges participants to discover hidden fats and sugars in many common foods. The common signs and symptoms of Type II diabetes and reasons why the condition is on the rise in American children are explored. Increasing activity opportunities for children, i.e. engaging children in at least sixty minutes of vigorous exercise per day is outlined. Using resource materials from the training for nutritious meal planning and ideas for creative gross motor activities is encouraged.

Healthy Ears and Literacy
Hearing loss prevention focused on the basic anatomy of the ear, identifying signs and symptoms of an ear infection, how babies and young children learn language and literacy development in young children.

Toxins and Poisons: Identification and Storage
Poisons and toxins participants identify pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental toxins, toxic plants, proper use of measuring devices when giving medication, and safe storage of toxins and poisons. Resource information discusses how lead can be removed from a home or business safely, identifies sources of lead exposure in indoor and outdoor environments, and explores the role of nutrition and lead levels in children.

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