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Science Quest workshops are designed to raise the knowledge of early childhood educators and caregivers about the characteristics of quality child care including developmentally appropriate programming and health and safety practices. Modules include a range of effective teaching strategies. Hands on activities, interactive techniques, guest speakers, demonstration, working in teams, opportunities for questions and answers, are among the successful strategies that are utilized. Each training encourages participants to move beyond the basic learning level of knowledge to higher levels of understanding, application, and analysis.

Participants also receive handouts and related materials that the Science Quest staff have prepared or obtained from appropriate government or other agencies. Other sources are identified so providers have a variety of resources to consult for future questions.

Programs are designed to meet training requirements for Registry credit. If desired, the effectiveness of each module in raising knowledge can be assessed by including a short multiple choice pretest and post test. A summary of the training can be provided which includes an outline for each module, the objectives, methods of engagement, resource materials, closure, and evaluation method. The effectiveness of the training can be documented in this summary by comparing the pre and post test results.

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