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Fetal Development and Information Processing
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Fetal Development
Grades 6-9

This laboratory focuses on how several of the body systems develop before birth. Key information
about structure and function of the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems
is reviewed along with the examination of real specimens. Students working in small groups concentrate
on one of four systems to put important developmental events in order for that system. Groups can
then share their findings for the other three systems.

Information Processing
The Immune and Nervous Systems
Grades 6-9

The body takes in information about its environment using two systems. The immune system
monitors chemicals and things with chemicals (including viruses, bacteria, food or drugs) that are
entering the body in order to determine an appropriate response. A blood typing simulation provides
opportunity to understand the concepts of antigen and antibody. The nervous system detects signals from outside the body including light, sound, chemicals (by taste and smell), temperature and touch.
Students can examine real brain specimens and dissect an eye. The nature of a nerve impulse is
highlighted by a role play.

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