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Weather and the Solar System
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Weather and Climate
Water and Temperature
Grades 4-6

The concepts of weather and climate are compared and contrasted. The factors of temperature and
water are focused on. Students record data comparing the change of temperature of air, water,
and soil from light exposure and apply the conclusions to weather. The water cycle on the earth is
experienced as students become a water droplet and take a unique water cycle journey as they
precipitate, evaporate, and condense. The amount of precipitation in different parts of the world
is visualized as the climates and ecosystems are compared.

Our Earth, Sun, and Moon
Grades 4-6

Students develop an understanding of the movement of the sun and the earth and its variation during
different seasons, through analysis of aerial photos of shadows at Stonehenge and then hands-on
experimentation with shadows and angles in class. Students visualize the movements using the entire
room as the solar system with a large inflated earth globe. Adding to this room sized model, students
use smaller balls as a moon with flashlights simulating light from a distant sun to understand the
phases of the moon that they are so familiar with.

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