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Force, Energy, and Matter
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F is for Force
Grades 4-6

Students will develop a working understanding of the concept of force--what force is, that it can
vary in strength and direction, and that it can cause a change in the motion of an object.
Common forces that will be explored through hands-on activities will include gravity, magnetic
force, and friction. Students will appreciate that a force can act through direct contact
(friction) or indirect interactions (gravity). Students will experience that the effects of
forces are predictable. The concepts of force and motion will be applied to muscles and bones.

E is for Energy
Grades 4-6

Students will develop a working understanding of the concept of energy. Through hands-on
opportunities, demonstration, and discussion, the different forms of energy (kinetic, chemical,
electrical, heat, light) common in our lives will be explored. Students will be able to differentiate
between force and energy. Students will be able to identify the conversion of energy from one
form to another that occurs during much of what happens each day. This idea will be illustrated
through activities about food chains and the use of windmills to generate electricity.

Structure and Reactions
Grades 4-6

Through hands-on experiments and modeling, students learn about the four states of matter. They
discover properties that states of matter share and how they are different. Conservation of matter
is explored through changes in states. Examples of chemical reactions are analyzed. The important
concept of temperature is investigated. Students learn more about differences in compounds by
molecular model building.

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