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Science Quest, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to improve
science and health education. We are centered in southeastern Wisconsin.

------------ Science Labs For School Groups

We provide hands-on, inquiry and experiment-based lab experiences in the
classroom ranging from basic science concept introductions for primary grades
to advanced classes for high school students.

------------ Extended Programs

Multi-session classes feature innovative programs on topics such as crime scene
investigation, human physiology, or the molecular effects of smoking.

------------ Professional Development

Customized workshops and mentoring programs can be designed
to meet teacher needs.

------------ Trainings For
Early Childhood

Our health and safety trainings for early childhood educators and caregivers
utilize effective hands-on, activity based techniques.

------------ Useful Links

Connect with local, state, and national science education sites.
Find information on science curriculum standards.

------------ Milwaukee Recreation

Science Quest periodically offers classes sponsored by
the Milwaukee Recreation Department.

------------ Science Quest Staff

Science Quest, Inc. is fully insured for the presentation of lab programs
to school children and teacher professional development.

------------ Contact Us

Please contact us for further information or to schedule a class.

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